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Are you really ready if Natural Disasters hit? Does your flashlight or torch have good batteries? Are you using an LED or filament bulb in your light? Will it light when you need it most during a storm, flood, hurricane or earthquake?

LED Replacement bulbs use less power, generate less heat,and last significantly longer than filament bulbs. LED Replacement bulbs lasts more than 300 times longer than standard bulbs with a 10,000+hour rated life (10 years) In normal conditions, they may last longer than the life of your flashlight in which they are used!

LEDs are very shock resistant, use less current and generate very little heat (5%) as compared to the filament (95%) of an ordinary flashlight bulb. The filament in your regular flashlight is very fragile and has a relatively short life span (5-50 hours). Using a LED-Replacement will extend your flashlight's battery life from 2 to 5 times longer than using an incandescent or halogen bulb in your flashlight.

These LED flashlight bulbs are made rugged for you Professionals in Our Military,Security,Law Enforcement,Homeland Security, Border Patrol,Disaster Relief Workers, Pilots, Firefighters, EMT, Medical Technicians,Medical Examiners,CSI,Truck Drivers,Sportsman,Hunters,Fisherman,Backpackers,Campers, Climbers,Cavers,Cyclist,Boy Scouts,Girl Scouts, Electricians,Plumbers,Inspectors,Farmers,Communications Technicians,Computer Technicians,Miners,CATV Technicians, Electronic Technicians,Telephone Technicians, Power Plant Worker,Meter Readers,Pest Control,Railroad workers and Construction workers.


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What are the advantages to Upgrading your Flashlight to a LED bulb?

* Brighter than standard incandescent filament flashlight bulbs.

* 100,000 hour continuous lamp life (10 years).

* Pure white light that never turns yellow when batteries weaken.

* Suitable upgrade for your Mini-Mag® or Full size Maglite®.

* Extend your Flashlight's battery life 2 to 5 times Longer.

* No fragile filament or glass bulb to break, never burns out.

For contact or shipping information click on the info button or e-mail us at sales@led-replacement.com Also visit www.led-replacement.com for more information and products.


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